ASOS designs, manufactures and commissions turnkey facilities for Biomass Industry. ASOS manufactures process equipment used in these facilities in its own manufacturing facilities and combines them with other equipment procured from its European partners to create complete solutions.

Biomass is the general name for organic matter derived from living, or recently living organisms. Biomass is an energy source and in industrial context, Biomass is about generating fuel from this organic matter or use of it for other industrial purposes.

If we look at biomass sources carefully, we will see that those sources are everywhere in our lives. For example; wood, oilseeds such as sunflower and soybean, wheat straw, nutshell, agricultural waste, tea waste, olive pit and pulp, waste papers, domestic organic waste such as rind of fruits and vegetables, herbs, other herbal wastes such as stems and roots, algae, scats, fertilizers and industrial waste, waste water treatment plant mud are all sources for Biomass.

Biomass, which has been used for traditional and mainly in domestic heating, is now utilized in power generation and, as a by-product, as fertilizer (solid/liquid) thanks to advanced process technologies. With the public incentives given to Biomass investments, Biomass has entered into a period of development and its share is expected to increase in upcoming period.

Among the main equipments that our company made to the Biomass sector are; FLUID BED DRYERS, BELT DRYERS AND PADDLE DRYERS.

Among the products for which we provide service in Biomass industry are Forestry Waste, Agricultural Waste, Animal Waste, Wastewater Sewage Sludge, Domestic Waste and Industrial Waste.

Our Solutions

  • Turn –Key Facilities
  • Process Engineering and Design
  • Laboratory Tests and Pilot Plants
  • Organic Fertilizer Plant
  • Gasification/Pyrolysis
  • Drying Ovens
  • Evaporation Facilities
  • Sludge Drying Systems