Rotary Dryers are drying machines designed to be used in drying process of mines such as coal, sand, bentonite, cement, gravel, pellet, etc... They are manufactured in custom lengths and diameters based on product to be dried and have a special blade design. Coal, natural gas and LNG powered machines are available in the market for businesses using different energy sources.

Humidity control unit in the system regulates fan speed in such a manner that air in the funnel is discharged when it is fully saturated.

Automation unit enables you to monitor whole system and system can easily be operated automatically or manually.


  • High evaporation capacity
  • Special blade design
  • Designed to dry materials with a diameter from 5 mm to 20 mm
  • Solid fuelled hot air generators can be used as energy source
  • rotary-kurutucu
  • rotary-kurutucu
  • rotary-kurutucu