Product is fed into a nozzle atomizer via a positive high pressure pump and atomization of product is performed within counter-flow drying air.

Drying air is filtered and then heated to desired input temperature in a gas fueled heater, then heated air is released through air distribution channels located on top of the dryer. Air distributor is equipped with adjustable valves to provide optimum conditions in drying chamber.

Bottom of the drying chamber is conical shaped. Angle of inclination is 50°. That way, product in the drying chamber is easily discharged.

Dried powder and air are transferred to a bag filter where powder is separated from drying air. Bag filters are frequently purged with pressurized air. Powder is taken by a rotary valve located under the bag filter and clean air is released to atmosphere.

Powder coming from bag filter is transferred to a pneumatic cooler and further transferred to a conveying system to be air-cooled. Powder and air are fed into a cyclone and the final product is obtained from a rotary valve located under the powder cyclone. Air is transferred to the bag filter to be cleaned.

Entire facility is controlled by a PLC-equipped panel.


  • Spray dryers may be used in drying products in a wide range of areas from pharmaceutical industry to ceramic industry.
  • Very flexible capacity.
  • Since drying process takes too short and therefore, product gets in touch with hot air for a very short time, degradation in product quality is very limited.
  • Process is continuous and may be controlled fully automatically.
  • Auxiliary parts such as pump and nozzle can be procured easily.
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