ASOS manufactures kiln dryers for Chemical, Mining and Biomass industries.

ASOS Company chooses process design taking into consideration below characteristics of the product to be dried:

  • Product's chemical properties,
  • Structural deteriorations,
  • Temperature zone,
  • Thermal characteristics (TGA \ DTA \ DSC),
  • Product's particle size (μm \ cm),
  • Product shape (spherical, cubical, bar-shaped),
  • Product's internal structure (porous or nonporous).

Those optimal processes which best meet the conditions should be preferred considering the share of drying systems on operational costs. Design of drying processes are carried out by our specialist and experienced chemical and mechanical engineers.

Our Process Equipment:

  • Fluid-bed Dryers
  • Rotary Dryers
  • Spray Dryers
  • Flash Dryers
  • Rotary Belt Dryers
  • Paddle Dryers