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About us

Asos Company produces drying technologies for mining, chemical and biomass industry and carries out design, automation and mechanical manufacturing processes by its experienced engineering and technician staff in its own facility located in Çorlu spreading over 10,000 square meters. ASOS provides comprehensive services in the fields of laboratory tests, improvability studies, pilot scale model tests, process designs, project management, education services, production and procurement of process equipment as well as turnkey plant construction services. What make ASOS one of the industry-leading companies are its team of experienced experts who are open to new technologies, its ability to generate solutions matching the existing circumstances/structures, and its precision in generating methodical accuracy in and optimum solutions to projects of any level of complexity. Having completed process plants both in Turkey and all over the world, ASOS continues to provide the best services in process technology applications with its investigative, innovative and specialist technical infrastructure and professional management staff. Among our prime goals are to meet drying process needs of industries with Turkish Engineering, to manufacture systems with 100% domestic capital at the same quality with that of foreign competitors at lower costs and to sell our systems in world market to become a technology exporting company in the name of our country.


    • Fluid Bed Dryer
    • Rotary Dryer
    • Spray Dryer
    • Flash Dryers
    • Rotary Belt Dryer
    • Paddle Dryer
    • Evaporator
    • Kristalizator

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